How to place an order on GENOVEGA website


It;s easy ! To place an order on GENOVEGA website.


Select your desired piece and click 'Add to bag'. Go ahead review website then add more products. Once you've added all items, click on the overview TAB on the right side of the 'Add to bag' .


Sign in to your account or, if you've not yet created one , enter email address to checkout.

Enter your address, payment method and delivery details to complete your order. That's all . We'll confirm the order and it will prepared carefully and shipped to you. Meanwhile, we'll keep updates order status to you .


We are glad to help you out . If you need any assists, Please check 'about us' page.



How many payment methods offers on GENOVEGA website ?


At present , we mainly use the following methods to payments :






Can I cancel order or make any changes to it ?

When your order on the prepare status, you are able to cancel order . Just head to 'Orders & Returns',  if you place an order as a gust. We are sorry , we can't add item to an existing order now, but you can place a new order. You can find more information in our 'Refunds Policy'.



Is my personal data keep Privacy or no?

We guarantee that your personal data will keep completed Privacy. Please note that without user's permission can't disclose personal data to anyone. For more information , Please check the GENOVEGA privacy policy.